View Full Version : I've lost some of my players!

2008-02-20, 18:46
I run slimserver on a mac running OS10.5.1. I have 4 x SB3's and 1 x SB2 and everything has been great and stable for years (I even had an original Slimp3). 2 days ago, I tried upgrading from 6.5.4 to 7.0 in order to solve an OS10.5 issue and was then prompted to update firmware on the players. I did so on three of them but then the music library showed totally empty on the players although I could see it in Slimserver/squeezecenter. Then the players disappeared from the software. I then reloaded 6.5.4 to see if this helped and I can still not see any players and all of the updated players show empty.

BUT: the players that I didn't update have the full music library in - running under either 7.0 or 6.5.4. All players are showing firmware 81.

What do I do now as I can only access squeezenetwork and not slimserver, from most of my players!



2008-02-21, 14:16
The firmware update was defaulting to a different computer that I used to use for Slimserver. Once I realized that and corrected my error, I was up and running.

User error (as usual for me!)