View Full Version : mapping favorites to remote

2008-02-20, 18:24
I am in Squeeze Network Beta and trying to map some of my favorites to individual number buttons on the remote control [sb3]. Right now if I push and hold #1 or 2, two of my favorites start playing [which I didn't program unless I did it accidentally]. If I hold any of the other numbers on the remote, there is a message FAVORITE #X NOT DEFINED. I checked the squeezebox documentation but do not see any reference about how to define each number key to a favorite. It seems that there is a way to do this but I just cannot find a reference. I tried playing one the favorites I want to bookmark to a number on the remote and holding the corresponding number down but this does not work....



2008-02-21, 06:35
It's probably because you only have two favorites.
Favorites 3-9 will be available as you start to populate your list.