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Steve Smith
2004-02-09, 20:42
Hi, I have a fresh install of 5 Squeeboxes running off a brand new Fedora
Core 1 server. The server ntp's off of redhat, and properly reports it's
time as being here in the US EST. I can touch files, they have the right
time; date always shows the right result, etc. IE the server does have the
proper time.

But, the squeezeboxes all are reporting time 5 hours ahead, i.e. they are
showing me GMT time. I've taken a 30 minute scan and grep through all
config files and slimserver source to try to find the formatting and
displaying of the time string, but my untrained eye didn't catch it (must be
somewhere amongst those strftime and qw calls). Any ideas? Other than
moving to London, which I suggested but my wife didn't go for :-)

On the server ...

[root@sanremo tmp]# date
Mon Feb 9 22:30:43 EST 2004
[root@sanremo tmp]# touch /tmp/foo
[root@sanremo tmp]# ls -l /tmp/foo
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Feb 9 22:31 /tmp/foo
[root@sanremo tmp]#

Squeezbox currently says ...

Tuesday, February 10, 2004
3:31:31 AM

Slimserver is 5.1.1 and SB are all version 7.


s.smith (AT) ampersand (DOT) com