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2008-02-20, 10:19
Slimserver reports that I've got 0 tracks by 0 artists for year "199". I guess at some point I'd incorrectly tagged something with the year "199" and then corrected it - but Slimserver still thinks it's there somewhere.

How do I ditch this? I tried taking a backup of and then deleting the file "C:\Program Files\SlimServer\server\Cache\MySQL\ibdata1"

The file started out at something like 100MB. After Slimserver started up and (I assume) rebuilt the database, the subsequently generated file is around 10MB.

I thought that would probably be the end of it, but the dodgy tag still remains :( How do I completely blitz the DB and rebuild it from scratch?

(I've already tried using the "clear library and rescan everything" option - this runs automatically every evening, too).

2008-02-20, 11:03

If you are using mp3s and have both idv1 and v2 tags written in them, this might be causing an issue.

Use something like mp3tag and make sure you have just v2 tags and then a clear library and rebuild and see if it fixes it.

(You dont mention whether you are using mp3s so this might not help at all :)

2008-02-20, 11:20
I'm using a mixture of MP3s and FLAC (I'm gradually re-ripping all my music to lossless).

I'm fairly certain that all MP3s only have ID3v2 tags, although having said that I just checked my MP3Tag options, and see that I still had ID3v1 checked (along with ID3v2, and APE).

Slimserver still tells me that there are 0 tracks with 0 artists having year 199. So it thinks there is at least one file with an incorrect tag, but can't tell me what/where the file is. You think cleaning out any ID3v1 tags might fix this?

2008-02-20, 11:56
Yeah I would cleanse them so that you have just the v2 tags.

Also if you are using MusicIP with slimserver dont forget to rescan with MusicIP first and then rescan slimserver afterwards.


2008-02-22, 08:21
I gave that a try - still same situation. I use "MP3Tag" so I selected all MP3 tracks (approx 40% of my library) and clicked the "Remove Tag" button (MP3Tag is configured to delete ID3v1 and APE tags according to "Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg>Remove")

Short of uninstalling the software, deleting the directory, then reinstalling from scratch - is there a way to delete the database and let slim rebuild it for me?

2008-02-22, 09:02
I believe its this file here;

Program Files\SlimServer\server\Cache\MySQL\ibdata1

Others will correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to be the file with the most recent time stamp.

2008-02-22, 13:40
That was my first attempt (see original post) but sadly it didn't clear that particular tag.

I guess there is either a corrupt tag in one my MP3s somewhere, or there is more to it than simply ditching that file.

Next step: uninstall, delete directory, reinstall. Sigh.

Unless anyone else has suggestions on how to delete the DB and start again?

2008-02-22, 14:08
You could try pointing the SlimServer at a directory that doesn't contain any tracks or links to tracks. Then do a clear and rescan and it shouldn't find anything. If it does then there is clearly a problem with the SlimServer or MySQL installation on your machine.

Assuming it does clear the database successfully what I'd suggest is start almost from scratch, create a new top level directory for your music (or rename the old one so you can use the same name). Then clear and rescan (just to check) then move across your albums in a suitable sized batch. After each batch is moved do a scan. If the problem year appears then you know it has to be in that batch so move the batch back, clear and rescan to check it's gone. Then break the bad batch down into smaller batches. Keep breaking it down until you find the problem.

2008-02-23, 06:32

Heh - that's an excellent idea :) Thank you :)

I'll get onto that this afternoon - cheers!

2008-02-23, 10:30
Glad to be of assistance. I'd be interested to know the outcome.