View Full Version : MySQL integration problem

2008-02-20, 08:48

I am running SlimServer 6.5.5 on Windows XP SP2 on a IBM 6850 2 x 2,4 Xeon, 1Gb ECC ram with 6 drives (M/N/O/P/Q/R/S) with about 75K tracks (1Tb). Works fine with the standard default MySQL 5.0.22 installation on port 9092 that came with the SlimServer installation.

On the same server, I run a main MySQL 5.0.22 instance on port 3306 for other purpose. Since I would like to run only one instance of MySQL, I’ve tried to move SlimServer from port 9092 to port 3360, on my main MySQL instance. Strange behavior : SlimServer scanned only 11K to 12K tracks. Those tracks are from different drive – It seem that SlimServer scans only part of the drive before going to the next drive. Any idea? Thanks in advance…

PS : Sorry for my poor english :~)