View Full Version : SlimServer not finding music folder

2004-02-09, 16:10
I was using the 2/7 build and all was fine. I tried
the 2/9 build and the server could no longer find my
music folder. I received the Oops not a valid
directory error message. I went back to the 2/7 build
and the same thing happened. Likewise with the 2/6
build. I am on OSX 10.3.2 and iTunes. My music folder
is on an internal drive connected to a PCI Ultra ATA
card. I reset my iTunes folder and then back to my
music folder to rebuild the XML file. Still a problem.
I restarted and repaired permissions. Still no good. I
reset my iTunes library location to the default
location, rebuilt the XML file, and the server found
the library (of course, there is no music there, just
the song file entries). I then changed back to my real
music folder, and my SB is playing fine.

However, this really concerns me. I had this same
problem with the intro of server v5.1, but it "went
away" with no intervention. In fact, I was still
getting the Oops message, but the SB played
everything, so I left it alone. I am currently using
the 2/7 build.

I still think there is a problem though. The system is
working, but the feedback from it indicates that it
shouldn't be. Is there something I can check out to
assist in evaluating this situation?


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