View Full Version : Now Playing not workling properly?

2008-02-16, 09:47
Hi all,

I have a PC running Ubuntu 7.10, with SlimServer 6.5.4.

I recently re-installed everything on this machine, after buying a new hard disk. I put back everything as it was before.

When I play a track through my Squeezebox, I used to be able to go right at the Now Playing menu, which would show you the song playing, then right again to be able to browse the attributes of that song (title, artist, album etc).

However, now all I can do is go right to the song playing, right again only shows the song title information, and nothing else. I'm not sure I'm making myself clear...

Anyone else see this behaviour before? It might be a plugin problem - I did update all my plugins - but I don't see how.

Any help appreciated.


Mark Lanctot
2008-02-16, 13:20
I see this when an item appears in the database, but its attributes have changed on the disc.

Try a clear & rescan.

2008-02-16, 17:09
I just tried doing a full rescan - no difference.
I did wonder if it was a MusicIP problem - I've just realised its not running, but I since did another rescan, to no avail.

Another symptom - when you select browse -> album -> <album name> -> <track name> -> you got nothing - comlete blank, after going right on the track name, which is similar to what happens on Now Playing.
All very odd. It does sound like an attributes/database issue though.