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2008-02-16, 07:27
Hi guys

I'm running Squeezecenter 7.0 on my PPC kurobox (266MHz 128Mb), thanks to Stuart H. and his Gentoo SC emerge, and it's running brilliant. However I have noticed that the CPU utilization hits >99% at regular intervals.

Running top shows the slimserver.pl process to be running normally taking around 2-3% CPU, but 5 minutes later it will then hit over 99% for a period of between 25 and 26 seconds. It will then go back to normal for another 5 minutes when the process repeats. This is happening whether SC is idle or playing music. The only plug-in added is the SuperDateTime one, everything else is the standard install.

Obviously when it hits these high CPU periods the Squeezeboxes become unresponsive (no remote input, text stops scrolling etc.), and the only time I've seen this sort of thing happen is when the music library is being scanned. Thankfully with the boxes having such large input buffers any music playing hasn't yet suffered from drop-outs, but that is with only one box playing.

Any comments as to what's going on, and is it something that can be corrected?

2008-02-16, 08:45
Running at 100% cpu on a low speed processor is probably to be expected when doing intense activities such as building complex web pages. However blocking all other operation during this time is not desired and the server tries to avoid it.

You could try running looking at the performance reports to see what is taking a long time to run. See: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?DiagnosingPerformanceIssues

as a quick start try running the server with --perfwarn=0.5 from the command line - does it show lots of activity which takes more than 0.5 of a second, if so what is it?

2008-02-16, 09:11
Forgot to mention that there are no SC browser windows open, and that SlimServer 6.3 worked without this CPU hogging issue.

Anyways, I'll investigate further. Thanks for the pointers!