View Full Version : No HTTP Get from Squeezebox

2008-02-15, 21:43
I have been playing around with an app that is controlled from a browser. The app listens on a TCPIP socket and grabs the http get command to control the app. It works fine when using a web browser. I expected that it would work from a SB when using slimserver and "tune in url" (i.e http:/ or with squeezenetwork with the #slim:noscan=1. (i.e http:/ When I do this I don't see the squeezebox trying to connect to the address/port specified. I also tried a UDP socket. How does the SB tried to connect?

(I'm assuming the slimproto stuff doesn't apply for this type of connection?)

2008-02-15, 23:52
You can debug that with the scan.scanner, network.asynchttp and player.streaming.direct debug options. Once you get it working with SC it should also work with SN.