View Full Version : DAC quality...SBR vs. USB-DAC vs. Apple TV

2008-02-15, 16:16
Who wins? Noticeable difference between them? Especially between the true DACs and the Apple TV?


2008-02-16, 12:00
Unfortunately I don't have an SB3 or an SBR to compare with the ApplTV, I have a transporter.

However, I also have an ApplTV, and my opinion of the analogue output is that it is extremely poor, with no dynamics or life in it at all. Consequently I use it via its optical out straight into my AV receiver, in which manner it performs quite well.

However there is more to the difference between the Slim products and the AppleTV. In particular the AppleTV is aimed at an AV experience rather than a straight music experience, and as such is useless without being connected to a TV, and in addition it is set up to use a widescreen TV, not a 4:3 ratio screen.

Basically the products are aimed at slightly different user needs, and you must decide what your needs are before you can decide which is the best product to met them. I personally think the AppleTV is good at what it does for its price-point, but I wouldn't want it in a music only system.