View Full Version : Cannot get version 5.1 to work with Squeezebox

2004-02-08, 02:00
Was it working before then, has it ever worked? If it has worked is all
that changed the 5.1 install? Did you hold brightness down and upgrade the
firmware on the squeeze? Have you plugged in headphones to make sure it
really is outputting the audio? Check the volume level?

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I downloaded and installed slim server 5.1 and I don't seem to be getting
any output from my Squeezebox. I'm using the digital out of the Squeezebox,
and although it appears to be playing (the display updates as if it is), the
external DAC sees no signal. My audio files are all in FLAC format, and
things do seem to work if I connect using foobar from the local PC.

Does anyone have any ideas about what could be going wrong?