View Full Version : Nework advice needed for newbie

2008-02-12, 17:40
Have placed my pre order for Duet and am trying to figure out the best setup for my wireless network.

Presently the cable modem and router are on the lower level of my house. Computer and stereo are on the upper level. I am getting good signal strength at the computer. The Duet would go about 15 feet from the computer. Because this is an old house, I am limited to where I can place the modem and router. It cannot be connected on the upper level to the computer without extensive wiring being done. However, I could place the modem and router at the the stereo location.

Should I and can I place the modem and router at the stereo and wire the receiver directly to the router? I can do this with minimal wiring and will this be beneficial?

Ross L
2008-02-12, 19:43
I'd suggest waiting until you have Duet and trying it then. You might find both configurations work about as well as one another.

In the case that you find issues with your modem/router upstairs and downstairs as well, there are other options like "ethernet wall plug adapters" that let you use the electrical circuits in your home to transmit data.