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2008-02-12, 02:28
What am I doing wrong ? There are several podcasts that I can't seem to get slimserver to stream successfully.

Would someone care to try the following two podcast URLs ?


For me the first one works fine, the second looks like it's working, but there is no sound! On my squeezebox when I look at the details of what's "Now Playing" it shows a bitrate of 0kbps ... which is obviously wrong. If I actually download the file and stick it in with my music files it is a 64kbps CBR mp3 file and my squeezebox happily plays it. So what am I doing wrong?

I see the same behaviour for all of the podcasts from the ABC (Australian) Radio National at http://www.abc.net.au/rn/podcast/default.htm
So I'm suspecting there is something odd about their particular podcasts. But I have been downloading them and playing them on a separate player (my cell phone) with no problems for a couple of years now. So it is just the combination of slimserver and these pods that doesn't seem to work.

FYI #1 I am using slimserver 6.5.4 and a squeezebox with firmware 81 (but I get the same behaviour with softsqueeze too).

FYI #2 this is the first thing I've come across that doesn't seem to work properly. I use slimserver with my local mucic collection every day and it is BRILLIANT! I love this product!.

2008-02-12, 02:48
ABC (which include Triple J) podcasts are supported as part of AlienBBC plugin.

I'm not sure of the history but I suspect the top level is not properly formatted for Podcast parsers so the parsing of the Podcasts web page has been done by AlienBBC. This may still be the cases and what is upsetting Slimserver.

Install AlienBBC (if you are just listening to Podscasts you will nothave to install MPlayer). Restart Slimserver
Goto AlienBBC->ABC radio Menu ->ABC Podcast

2008-02-12, 03:11
The URL work OK with SC7 and so I expect will work OK with Squeezenetwork.