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2008-02-10, 11:31

I've just installed Slimserver on my Pentium 4, Windows XP system to work with my SB3. The installation went smoothly, except for one strange thing - I cannot hear the tracks being played.

When I play tracks, the VU-meters on the SB never budge, it is as if a mute button has been pressed somewhere, because the volume is set to 100%. The inter-connections are OK, because I had previously installed Slimserver to work with SuSE linux, and this configuration had worked. There is no mute button on the remote control, and there is no mention of a mute function in the user's manual.

Searching for "mute" and "no sound" on this forum didn't help.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks,

2008-02-10, 12:04
I checked further, and I noticed that when I switch on the SB using the remote, under Settings, the volume is set to 0 (MUTE). Even when I increase the volume using the North arrow navigation button, the unit is always muted. Further, when I switch the unit off and back on, the unit is always back in the muted state.

When under Settings I increase the volume setting by holding the Volume button, it always returns to Mute when I release the button.

It seems that the unit is software muted ;<).

2008-02-10, 12:14
Do you have any plug-ins installed such as the one which locks the volume?

You don't mention what version you are using? I infer that this has never worked from the start. If this is correct I'd suggest that you uninstall it and download the release version again and reinstall it. Don't install any plug in until it is working.

I'd also suggest trying it with softsqueeze to eliminate the player from the problem.

Re-reading your posts also raises and inconsistancy. You said the volume is set to 100% but then later say it is set to 0% under the settings. This makes me wonder if you are using the IR Blaster plugin to control volume on an associated amp. In which case I'd suggest rechecking that you have entered the correct volume value into the file (for v6.5.x) as I wonder if an extra 0 or something else has thrown it out (not looked at code so I don't know it's error checking).

2008-02-11, 10:12
Thanks for the advice.

I re-installed everything, this installing alienBBC manually as per the on-line instructions. Everything is now fine.

Lesson: if in doubt, reinstall... ;<)

Best regards,