View Full Version : Sync via remote still a problem

2004-02-07, 07:18
--- Carsten Bormann <cabo (AT) tzi (DOT) org> wrote:
> > a bigger problem is that the players do not stay
> in synch for more
> > than 10 minutes.
> I have a hypothesis on why this happens with
> wirelessly... So I'd like to
> know:
> -- when this happens, does it happen from the start
> of a track or does
> it develop/change during the track?

I know that it happenes during a track, but it could
have happened at the start of because I have heard the
delay very early in the track. I am not necessarily in
the right position, a place equidistant to both
players, at the precise moment sync is lost.

> -- is it really 1 to 2 seconds always, or is it
> usually shorter?

It sounds at least a second off, although I can't say
that with scientific precision. It is definitely not a
"flanging" type delay (i.e., 2 frames = 1/30th of a

> -- how loaded is your WLAN when it happens (or is
> there any correlation
> between load and the occurrences you can make out)?

When I am syncing players I am generally not on the
computer, so other than an occssional scheduled email
check, nothing else is going on with the network. I
don't believe there is a correlation there, but then
again I am not a network guru.

One other thing that happens that I didn't mention
before was that sometimes the synched player will stop
mid-playlist. This happened again yesterday right
after I added songs to a playlist from the "main"
player (a SB), but I couldn't replicate this. In this
specific instance I had two S3s synched to a SB and
both S3s stopped at the same point while the SB
continued playing.

So what is your hypothesis?


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