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2008-02-07, 18:33
Hi all, Hoping to get a bit of advice...

Problem: Start the Slim Box..."Waking up SlimServer"..."Connecting to Slimserver"...then the box turns off.

The slimserver web pages says player not found.

Unplug the box, turn it back on. It goes through its setup no problem, finds the connection, etc. As soon as it gets to "Connecting to Slimserver"...the box turns off.

Round and round I go and at some point it corrects itself

I have had it up and running w/o problem for quite some time. This problem occurs from time to time but I can never figure out how to quickly resolve or prevent it from happening.


2008-02-08, 15:05
The SB blanks it's display when it isn't/can't connect to the server. Standard diagnostics then is to first localise the problem. The problem you need to diagnose is whether it is the SB's problem or the Server's problem.

If you have a PC active at the time you could try a couple of things, use softsqueeze and see if that also has a problem and see if you can connect to the slimserver.

If either of these fail then it tends to indicate a server problem if they both work and the SB still has a problem then it suggests an SB problem. However don't forget the LAN switch. If you diagnose a server or SB problem first try changing the LAN port to exclude that as an issue.

Putting a PC to sleep doesn't just stop it in it's tracks. A number of things go on before it turns off power to preserve state and similarly on startup hardware is reinitialised and set up before the processing can resume from where it left off.

Taking guesses before diagnosis is dangerous, but it sounds like something is causing the server to take longer to resume than normal on those occaisions. Investigating the system logs may be useful.

2008-02-15, 20:44
I have seen this behavior under two conditions:

1. When my router has been rebooted while the squeezebox is powered up but turned off. When I turn on the squeezebox, I get this behavior. I think this is caused by the router dropping its dhcp table and the squeezebox retaining its previously assigned IP address. Therefore, the router can't route TCP/IP traffic to the squeezebox because it doesn't recognize the squeezebox's IP address. The fix (as you have observed) is to simply disconnect and reconnect power to the squeezebox, forcing it to obtain a new IP address from the router. Presumably, the folks at slim could fix this in software by programming the squeezebox to renew the ip address anytime it can't connect to the server. (Perhaps they have, I have not updated my software in a long time).

2. Sometimes if I have not used my squeezebox for a while I see this behavior even if the router has not been rebooted. However, in this case, I've never had to unplug the squeezebox - I just turn it on a few times via the remote and it eventually connects. I have no idea what causes this - but I'm not too worried about it because the workaround is so simple - just keep turning the squeezebox on until it connects. (I used to have a bunch of vintage vacuum tube equipment, so I guess I'm accustomed to a certain amount of hassle when turning on my audio equipment.)