View Full Version : NAS to run stock SC7

2008-02-06, 20:17
From what I have been reading, most NASs seem to require modified versions of SS/SC to run. This seems to be a limitation in that we must wait for someone to get around to porting newer versions each time an update is released. If as in the case of the TS101, newer hardware is released, development stops on the older hardware. Are there any NASs that will run with the stock SS?
I need something simple to set up & maintain as I seem to have trouble with computers not running as they should.

2008-02-06, 20:39
A NAS by definition runs a specialised OS, all(?) based on linux. They have a specialised task to do an most have very limited resources to do it with, hence the need to customise the OS.

If you want then to run stock SS/SC that does not need porting then I'm not sure NAS is your best bet.

I run SS on a NAS because running the latest version of SS/SC is not important to me; a small, quiet footprint is though.

2008-02-06, 20:45
I'm not sure about "most" NASs needing a customized version of SS/SC, but certainly there are several that run stock versions. I run the standard SC7 on a Buffalo LinkStation HG that was reflashed to run debian. I can't use the debian package because they don't do a build for non-x86 processors (the HG has a PowerPC), but I install it from the tarball with no problems. The KuroBox is another example of a NAS that can run stock SS/SC. I suspect there are others.