View Full Version : Controlling streams via squeezebox

2008-02-06, 15:28

after I am able to stream audio via my Sat receiver to my squeezebox by transcoding the stream in vlc and send it to the slim server I want to take the next step.

I want from the squeezebox be able to change the sat receivers stream and also the VLC decoding. Is anyone aware of a plugin doing this or similiar or point me in any other direction?


2008-02-06, 16:37
You could look at this although it may need some tweaks for Windows.


Basically any string prefixed by mply:// will get passed to the $FILE$ in the custom-convert.conf file. You need to replace the mplayer command line option by VLC stuff. There may be some work with socketwrapper but I can't remember with SS 6.5.

You can then create radio stations say for channel ABC as mply://ABC. If you put these entries in MyPicks or Favorites they can be given "nice" names.

2008-02-07, 11:04
Great. I will play around with this and maybe I can come back with a dreambox plugin :-)