View Full Version : 5.1 release problem (Oops! directory)

2004-02-06, 08:06
FWI, the 2/6 nightly build doesn't have a problem
finding my music folder. Thanks to the guy who posted
the gmane reference, it worked great, I was able to
find my post from a while back about this same
problem. Back then the problem was nver really
"fixed". It just started working. Initially the error
message itself became the error, the music was found
despite the message, then on the next build the error
message was gone. Curious.


P.S. you should link the gmane page to the discuss
list archive page, automatically filling in the "In
group" field with the discuss list path. That would be

> The new public 5.1 server release will not recognize
> my music directory. I get the Oops message. the 2/4
> nightly build works fine. (OSX 10.3.2, iTunes)

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