View Full Version : Squeezebox 2 and Power Failures

2008-02-05, 09:31
I have a Squeezebox 2 with a wired ethernet connection to my home network. I'm running SlimServer 6.5.4 on Windows XP on a Dell XPS.

Normally everything works fine. However, whenever we have a power outage, my SB2 won't reconnect to the network. It seems like the SB2 starts up quicker than the router, so that when the SB2 tries to get an address, the router is not available to issue one. The SB2 then turns itself off and thereafter won't try to reconnect unless I unplug its power cord, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in. Then it looks to get a network address, finds the router, and all is well again.

It's a real pain having to unplug and replug the power on the SB2 every time we have a minor power blip. Any suggestions?

2008-02-05, 09:38
When the SB gets into this state, press the left arrow button and hold it down until the network settings menu pops up. This takes a few seconds. Use the arrow up and down buttons to navigate the the server that is running slimserver. Press the right arrow and it should connect.

Rick B.
2008-02-05, 10:28
You could get an inexpensive UPS. My power supply goes down for one or two seconds every week or so. I got tired of having to reset things so I spent $70 on a UPS and I've been good ever since.

2008-02-05, 11:25
I second the UPS suggestion. I have the router on one but not the Squeezebox. You don't need to spend a lot on one if it's only supporting a router. We have 5 UPS's in the house providing backup power to most of the electronics (computers, router, DSL modem, DVRs, cordless phone base, etc.). Living in Florida, I can not imagine not having 1 (or 5).