View Full Version : Duet power usage: Receiver 3-4w, Controller dock 1w

2008-02-04, 20:10
I hooked up my Duet samples to a Kill-a-Watt tonight (which unfortunately rounds power usage to the nearest watt, not terribly precise for low-draw devices). The Receiver uses 3 watts when idle or off, and 4 watts when playing music. The Controller base registers 1 watt when charging the Controller, 0 watts when empty. So 3-5 watts total usage for a Duet setup: slightly better than a Squeezebox v3. Not bad. :-)


2008-02-05, 05:48
:..slightly better than a Squeezebox v3. Not bad. :-)


Out of curiousity, what is the standby and on measurement for a Squeezebox 3? I was under the impression that "on" and "off" were the same..?

2008-02-05, 06:37
IIRC it was in the region of 5W idle and slightly more while playing. On and off are the same but when actually playing there's more cpu activity, more screen activity and the audio stage is taking more power. Not much of a difference, but just about noticable.

2008-02-05, 19:05
Cool thanks!

2008-02-05, 19:29
Here's what I found earlier for SB2: