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Jay Haverty
2004-02-05, 20:08
I don't want to start anything nearly as unproductive as the listserve
vs forum thing, but shouldn't messages like this go to the Announce
list? Maybe in addition to the discuss list, but I would think that a
major software release would meet the requirements of the announce


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Subject: [slim] SlimServer 5.1 and a Special Deal

Hi All,

We've just posted SlimServer 5.1 to our downloads page here:


There are dozens of new features and bug fixes that make this the best
release that we've done to date. You can see the log of changes here:


Thanks to everyone in the community that contributed bug reports, fixes,
suggestions and features. Feel free to post your experiences with the
new version here or contact support (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com with your issues.

Also, we're closing out on our remaining stock of SLIMP3 players at a
special price of $199US. Once they're gone, they're gone. You can
order here:


All the best,

The SlimDevices Team