View Full Version : tagging: good way to deal with both "$ARTIST" and "$ARTIST and $THE_GROUPNAME"?

2008-02-03, 15:47
I've got a number of records by "Elvis Costello" and others by "Elvis Costello and the Attractions". I'd like to have the latter records accessible via artist browsing with both "Elvis Costello" and "Elvis Costello and the Attractions". I know I can do something like use the "Separator for Multiple Items in Tags" feature and set the artist tag to something like "Elvis Costello and the Attractions; Elvis Costello" for the records with the Attractions, but then I'd see that klunky string in the various interfaces.

I was tempted to look at a SC7 code change like look for "double separators, e.g. "Elvis Costello;; and the Attractions" and index that as belonging to artists "Elvis Costello" and "Elvis Costello and the Attractions", and display the string without any double separators, e.g. "Elvis Costello and the Attractions".

But is there already a good solution to this? ;-)


2008-02-04, 09:25

Search the forums for ALBUMARTIST.. what I think a lot of people are
doing is adding

ALBUMARTIST=Elvis Costello

to the "Elvis Costello and the Attractions" albums. This will result
in your "Elvis Costello" and "Elvis Costello and the Attractions"
albums both appearing together under "Elvis Costello" in the Browse
Artists listing. "Elvis Costello and the Attractions" will not appear
in the Browse Artists listing, so this is not exactly what you're
looking for, but in my mind is actually better. If you really want
what you asked for, use:

ALBUMARTIST=Elvis Costello;Elvis Costello and the Attractions

on those albums. Note that under either scheme, the tracks will still
be shown with the appropriate artist name. ALBUMARTIST just controls
where the album gets shown in Browse Artists.

There are some issues here with sorting; see bug 4584. Hopefully I'll
get around to fixing that before too long.

There is also an issue if you're using MP3s; see bug 6490.


2008-02-04, 10:03
With some of the scanning and sorting oddities in SlimServer, I doubt that you can get this to work as well as you'd like. Both would just be Elvis Costello in my library. There are too many band name variations like this, particularly with jazz artists, that I wouldn't want them all to appear when browsing artists.

Your tagging choices are basically:

ALBUMARTIST=Elvis Costello and the Attractions
ARTIST=Elvis Costello


ALBUMARTIST=Elvis Costello
ARTIST=Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Since ALBUMARTIST takes precedence over ARTIST, you'll see that string listed in the by line for the album. I believe it would also be used for artist sorting when sorting albums by artist. For the by line, I suppose you'd want the album listed by 'Elvis Costello and the Attractions', but for sorting you'd probably want them grouped with 'Elvis Costello'. I would think the second choice would be preferable, but your album would appear listed 'by Elvis Costello', so all you've really gained is to add the artist '... and the Attractions' to your artist list.