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2004-02-05, 14:51
Why would you think that? Max output from the analog output should be
nothing worse than "line level" on regular audio components.

The only explanation for getting increased distortion at full output would
be if the pre-output amplifier on the squeezebox was getting overdriven and
I doubt that would be happening, it's in the millivolt range.

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I'm using the twin phono sockets -- but, after turning the volume up all the
way to 40 (oh, how jealous must Nigel Tufnel be... ;-), there is definitely
an improvement in sound quality: so that's where it's gonna stay!

I had exactly the same problem and I set the settings on the server back to
where they were.

With the volume up to max on the Squeezebox don't you get distortion on the
amp? Aren't we losing quality somewhere by pumping the squeezebox to its


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