View Full Version : Broadcast uncompressed (or lossless) stream to SB?

2008-02-03, 04:12
I am using NiceCast to braodcast the data from any audio source to my SB.
However NiceCast seems to lack the possibility to send uncompressed data as well (quality is limited to 320kbps).
Has anybody an idea which tool can be used to generate an uncompressed audio stream for the SB?

2008-02-03, 04:46
Have a look at the WaveInput plugin


Might do what you are after :)

2008-02-03, 05:36
Hmm, I haven't mentioned that I am working on Apple...
Thanks anyway!

Any other suggestions?

2008-02-03, 08:03
yeah, that make a difference :)

I really have no idea about Macs

Eric Seaberg
2008-02-03, 09:38
I think that's an issue you'd have to take up with Nicecast. I use it in our studio setup for producers in the building to listen to rough-mixes from any of our controlrooms. For what it was intended to do, 320kbps is more than enough quality.

I also think they may have limited it to 320k to protect most network bandwidth issues.