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2008-02-02, 23:28
I know the issue of how to integrate SS with iTunes has been asked before, but frankly the variety and vagueness of the responses has not clarified the right way to go.

Here's my setup:

PC running SlimServer, Winamp Pro, iTunes. iPod Nano 3G.
Wireless G network
Transporter in Media room.

Yes, its clear that I have to use a lossless format, either FLAC or ALAC for serious audio, and then a lossy format for iPod. The question is really *how* to get to that result with my specific configuration.

I want to use iTunes because I have multiple podcast subscriptions. Other than that I would prefer to use Winamp to manage my music.

So, specifically: how to do set up Winamp, SS and iTunes so that
I've got:
1) Winamp managing FLAC files for music.
2) SlimServer using the FLAC files for serving to Transporter
3) iTunes having a copy of my music library using MP3 or AAC for iPod.
4) Being able to manage podcasts in either iTunes or Winamp.
5) Being able to edit tags in Winamp.

I know how to rip to FLAC etc. What I don't understand is specifically
1) whether I keep my library in the iTunes music folder or elsewhere
2) what it means to set the iTunes settings for "Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized" and "Copy music to iTunes music folder...".
3) whether to set SS to "use iTunes" or not.

For example:
If I set up a separate music folder outside of iTunes, point iTunes at it the 'iTunes Music Folder location", and then set copy Music, while setting the Import setting to AAC, do I get the desired result?

Do I have single library with two copies of each music file (FLAC and MP3) in each folder? Can I know iTunes wont "see" the FLACs, but is there way to set Winamp and SS so that they don't see the AACs and thus list each file twice?

Or do I use two libraries as above?



2008-02-03, 02:22
I can recommend you looking at MediaMonkey. you can (or at least it is claimed you can) sync your iPod with MediaMonkey... The difference is that MediaMonkey converts your FLAC files when you sync, so there is no need for a separate library (just a bit more patience with synchronising).

The iTunes integration would be useless if you are using FLAC, as iTunes does not do anything with those (I played around with iTunes a few years back, I assume that hasn't changed regarding the FLAC support).



2008-02-03, 13:11
Thanks. Yes, I know that iTunes does not use FLAC. That's ok. Winamp also can sync to iPod and transcode on the fly to a lossy format when doing so.

I think what I can do is have two libraries, and point Winamp at the iTunes library just to pick up podcasts and other new content. Running experiments now.