View Full Version : Dean, what about the ff/rew scanning problem???

Jeff Shanholtz
2004-02-05, 08:29
I've reported this bug directly to you via email and it's been discussed
here recently but I haven't seen you address the issue. The time elapsed
gets really out of whack when you scan (ff/rew). Whenever you hit one of
the buttons to increase the scanning speed, there is an immediate, large
jump in what the player shows as the time elapsed. This time can therefore
become much larger than the actual length of the current song (when ff'ing)
and can become *negative* too (when rewinding).

I'm really surprised that a bug like this wouldn't be addressed for the 5.1
release because it has been known and discussed for over a month (at the
very least). Can you at least fill us in as to what your status is on this
bug and why it hasn't received any attention yet? Is it not as easy for you
to reproduce as it is for me?

BTW, don't know if this matters, but I'm using a SliMP3.

And thanks for such an awesome product!