View Full Version : Connecting to a DAC

2008-01-26, 04:08
Current setup is QNAP TS201 with music library and Slimserver, rthernet cabled to a wireless router which then feeds two SB3s.
I've now got a small stereo amp with built in USB DAC which I want to use in the room where the PC and QNAP are. There is no SB3 in this room.
Sorry for being dense, but can I output music digitally from the QNAP to the amp, via a USB connection, and control via the PC ?

2008-01-26, 05:30
USB to the PC, then use SoftSqueeze from a web browser on the PC.

That should work. Sync'ing with your other players may or may not be close - depends on buffers/caches etc.

Hope that works!