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2008-01-25, 13:11
I'm running SlimServer 6.3.0 on Ubuntu 7.10. Everything seems fine, the Squeezebox can browse the albums and when I press Play, the Slimserver shows the song playing. But the display on the Squeezebox shows "Problem: Can't connect to server for:" and does not play. It is as is everything works except for the actual audio streaming. I have looked in the log.txt but have not gotten any wiser.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Patrick Dixon
2008-01-25, 13:18
Do the permissions on the music files allow them to be read by the 'slimserver' user?

2008-01-25, 13:23
Don't know. In Ubuntu's Users settings there are only two users; root and my personal account. Nothing for Slimserver. But it seems Slimserver can access the files since they are shown as playing in the web interface.

Patrick Dixon
2008-01-25, 14:01
The music files and the directories they're in will have a set of permissions for the owner, group and all users. It's worth checking to see who the files are owned by, and if not 'slimserver', then that all users have read, and possibly execute permission.

Slimserver will 'see' the file if the scanning process logged it in the database, but if it's moved or doesn't have the right permissions, it won't be able to stream it.

Is there any reason why you're running Slimserver 6.3 BTW? The last stable release is 6.5.4 IIRC, and Squeezecenter 7 will shortly be released.

There is an easy install of the SC7 betas for ubuntu - you just enable the correct repository, and apt-get install it.

2008-01-25, 14:17
When I use Synaptic Package Manager in Ubuntu, the only Slimserver that appears is the 6.3.0-5 version. It says that it is the latest. How do I get the later versions?

I modified the permissions for the folders and files and rebooted. But the problem remains.

2008-01-25, 14:45
These are from log.txt. Can they have anything to do with the problem?

"2008-01-25 22:12:58.8947 ERROR: _getFileContent: Couldn't open: html/mypage.ico

2008-01-25 22:12:59.4378 ERROR: _getFileContent: Couldn't open: html/mypage.ico

2008-01-25 22:35:24.8503 DBIx::ContextualFetch::db=HASH(0xa6c397c)->disconnect invalidates 4 active statement handles (either destroy statement handles or call finish on them before disconnecting) at /usr/share/perl5/SlimServer/Slim/DataStores/DBI/DataModel.pm line 256.
2008-01-25 22:35:24.8505 closing dbh with active statement handles at /usr/share/perl5/SlimServer/Slim/DataStores/DBI/DataModel.pm line 256."

2008-01-25, 15:01
Please have a read of the wiki:


Remove the ubuntu slimserver and add the unstable repo to your sources.list and uncomment all the other repos in the list save and do an update then install squeezecenter.

The SqueezeCenter 7 is fine to run now.

Patrick Dixon
2008-01-25, 15:06
That's a very old slimserver and probably broken.

I suggest you remove it, and add:-
deb http://debian.slimdevices.com stable main
to your list of repos

That should allow you to install slimserver 6.5.4 which is the latest release.

If you want the beta of squeezecenter 7 you need to add the:-
http://debian.slimdevices.com unstable main
repo instead.

SC7 is pretty solid now, and will shortly be released.

2008-01-25, 15:17
Thanks for the help! The stable version worked at once!

Mark Lanctot
2008-01-28, 13:02
Glad your problem was resolved.

Sorry to resurrect a resolved thread but for anyone else out there - it seems there is a Debian-maintained SlimServer 6.3.0 in the Debian repos. It's been modified to remove code that Debian considers not open-source-enough, it even has its own skin.

Unfortunately it seems to be pretty broken! Use the latest Logitech official release as above.

Also keep in mind that certain hardware requires a certain version of SlimServer - a Transporter requires SlimServer 6.5.0+ and the Duet requires SqueezeCenter (SlimServer's new name) 7.0.