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2008-01-23, 12:20
Saw that Last.FM has a new deal with some major labels allowing for on-demand listening of tunes.

Wondering if there are plans to support this functionality via SB3 or Slimserver/SC7?

2008-01-23, 12:48

2008-01-23, 13:26
I think their on-demand service requires viewing web ads, but I don't know anything else about it.

2008-01-23, 13:33

That doesn't really address the question I posed - I was already aware of the partnership and the 'built-in' and community plugins.

Andy addressed the question for the short term. We'll have to see what their non-ad subscription service is like. It would be a SWEET addition to the SC functionality if it works though...

2008-01-23, 14:32
I think i miss-understood then sorry - are they doing something kind of like rhapsody/napster?

2008-01-23, 14:37
I think their on-demand service requires viewing web ads, but I don't know anything else about it.Maybe it will be available for last.fm subsribers.

2008-01-23, 14:41
I read somewhere that there would be an additional fee associated with the added functionality. Whether that was speculation or not, I don't know.

2008-01-23, 19:47
I read somewhere that there would be an additional fee associated with the added functionality. Whether that was speculation or not, I don't know.

They as much as say so on the announcement on their site.

2008-01-23, 20:17
Yes - it seems they'll have the subscription plan they have now, as well as a new subscription plan which allows the new functionality (on-demand listening of any artist or album, up to three times before you must purchase it - music from lots of major labels and indie artists).

2008-01-24, 02:57
Can someone please advise a beginner how to get Last.fm onto an SB3. I've downloaded SC7 and have a Last.fm acount, but so far haven't been successful. A further point is how do you know what an URL is so you can input to SC7.
Slim Devices seem good at catering for US based customers (Pandora, Rhapsody etc), but for a computer illiterate beginner getting european services like Napster and Last.fm seems to require computer knowhow beyond my level.

2008-01-24, 03:38
SC7 doesn't currently support playing last.fm radio streams. To do this you will need James's LastFM plugin: you'll find a link here http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?PluginsAudio and the download itself is here: http://www.jamescraig.co.uk/SlimServer/lastfm.html

What SC7 does support is scrobbling, so that once you enter your lastFM details into SC7 the music you play will be recorded to your lastFM charts. If you enter your details into SqueezeNetwork (beta) as well then the music you play on Rhapsody, Slacker, etc will also be scrobbled to LastFM.

2008-01-24, 06:09
Thanks for message. I tried the plug in on Slimserver before downloading SC7 and couldn't get it to work. But that is very likely to be my lack of computing knowledge. I then downloaded SC7 and tried that. Does the plugin only work with 6.5 and would you mind please explaining all the steps I have to go through on computer and SB3 to get Last.fm working. I think Last.fm will be a really good option for non.us residents who can't get Pandora or rapsody, and I am interested in the propsed subscription service.

2008-01-24, 06:15
If you are running SC7, you need a different version of the plugin which is here:


The install instructions are in a "readme" file inside the .zip (this is true of many plugins), but I set them out below with a few additions of my own:


How to install:
Stop Squeezecenter
Unzip the plugin you just downloaded into a directory you have easy access to (not Squeezecenter)
Move the unziped directory into the Server/Plugins directory of your SqueezeCentre installation.
Note - not Server/Slim/Plugin!
The SqueezeScrobbler directory should contain Plugin.pm etc. and ScrobbleSupport
Restart SqueezeCentre
Point your browser at the SqueezeCentre's web interface, and navigate to Server Settings -> LastFM / SlimScrobbler
Enter your Last.fm accounts and select which one is the default for new players.

EDITED as this step is no longer necessary with the latest version of the plugin, see below. [You will also need to disable the built in Last.fm/Audioscrobbler plugin if you are using James' version otherwise everything will scrobble twice. Go to Server SEttings, Advanced, Plugins and untick Last.fm Audioscrobbler, then save.]

If you have multiple SlimDevices units or streaming clients, you can use a different Last.FM account with each one.
On each player, use the remote to navigate through Plugins -> SlimScrobbler -> Select Audioscrobbler Account and choose the account to use for that player. Alternatively change the account from the web interface in Player Settings -> Plugins -> Last.FM / SlimScrobbler

Craig, James \(IT\)
2008-01-24, 06:23
Thanks so much!
But is that really the latest version for SC7?

You also shouldn't need to disable the built in AudioScrobbler plugin,
in the latest version SqueezeScrobbler should (?) disable its own
scrobbling if it detects the other plugin is correctly configured.


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2008-01-24, 06:28
Thanks so much!
But is that really the latest version for SC7?

Used 1.1.4 as a base but added a couple of comments of my own. Didn't realise that the plugin now automatically disabled the inbuilt one - very good idea. Will edit.

2008-01-24, 09:08
Siduhe, Thanks for your help. Have followed your method, but must still be doing something wrong as its not working.
I downloaded SqueezeScrobbler_v1.1.4 it contained:
lib (inc plugins squeeze scrobbler)
Install. XML
slimserver-lastfm schemas.
When I point my browser to settings>advanced, I get audio scrobbler, not squeeze scrobbler.
Same on player.
Audio scrobbler seems to be working.
Would appreciate further advice.

2008-01-24, 14:18
Did you put all of these files in a 'SqueezeScrobbler' directory, and put that into server/Plugins in your SqueezeCentre installation?


2008-01-24, 14:37
Yes I did, after unzipping. I have also ended up with another Squeeze scrobbler on my desk top - at present still zipped.

2008-01-24, 14:48
I just downloaded again from Siduhe's link and got _v1. That link didn't work this afternoon, so I got _v1.1.4 and installed that. Would this have made any difference ? Should I try _v1 ?

2008-01-24, 15:05
V1.1.4 is the current version:

That V1 link looks a bit dodgy - what you get is v0.99 which is pretty old!


2008-01-24, 15:41
I tried again with v1.1.4, still no success.

2008-01-25, 15:47
Sorry, don't really know!
You should try restarting SqueezeCentre and checking the log files for any mention of SqueezeScrobbler.

So far the majority of installation issues are caused by the files being in the wrong place, but for some people it just doesn't seem to work!

Oh the "SqueezeScrobbler" directory name is case sensitive - must be exactly as I've written it there.


2008-01-27, 10:45
Left it for a couple of days and it has suddenly appeared and seems to be working !!
It appears in the Internet radio list below SHOUTCast.
Seem to be able to select it only from SB remote, have to use computer SC7 to navigate.
Is this the way it works?

2008-01-28, 05:47
For what it's worth, I only just managed to get 1.1.4 working after having exactly the same problems. I've no idea why it started working, the only thing I did different to previous attempts was to install it from a different PC. When I installed it from the actual PC I have SC7 running on, it wouldn't work (I tried several times). When I installed it over my network from a different PC (to exactly the same location) it worked first time. No idea why.