View Full Version : Yac2Slim and multiple players

Max Barker
2004-02-03, 11:18
The slimp3 xapconnector application can issue a pause command. So you should be able to do that at the same time as a CID. You could always ask Stuart at xapframework to make this an option with the CID. He's very approachable like that.
I would have thought you could do the same with xplhal.


> There's a working xAP application at http://www.xapframework.net/ which
> will do CID display on slimp3 (and tivo). Fairly simple to setup.

Cool... I wasn't aware of this package. I gave it a cursory glance and it
doesn't seem to support pausing the player when a call comes in though.
Not sure how difficult that would be to add.