View Full Version : Re: [slim] Mike Beranek/Chicago/IBM is out of theoffice.

Dan Sully
2004-01-19, 11:16
* Mike Beranek <beranek (AT) us (DOT) ibm.com> shaped the electrons to say...

> I will be out of the office starting January 19, 2004 and will not return
> until January 20, 2004.
> If this is an urgent issue, please call my cell phone at 847-778-0194.

All - there are a number of people on this list that don't know how to use their "vacation" programs.

It is bad form and annoying to others to auto-reply to list mail like this.

I've recieved numerous "vacation" messages from people, one even from a CVS checkin!

Even worse are those responders that continuously send you replies, instead
of caching the sender's email address so that a response is only sent once.

Please take a look at your autoresponder rules, and put them *after* any mail list filters you have.


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