View Full Version : Yac2Slim and multiple players

John B
2004-02-03, 11:00
> > There's a working xAP application at http://www.xapframework.net/ which
> > will do CID display on slimp3 (and tivo). Fairly simple to setup.
> Cool... I wasn't aware of this package. I gave it a cursory glance and it
> doesn't seem to support pausing the player when a call comes in though.
> Not sure how difficult that would be to add.

You can certainly pause the player using xPLHal - in fact that's what I do when a call comes in.
And if I don't want to answer the phone after having seen who's calling, a quick button press on my remote will cause xPLPhone to pick up and take a message for me, allowing me to carry on listening to whatever was previously playing on the Slim.

xPLPhone can provide caller ID for display on PCs, SliMP3s, Tivo, and has the added advantage of being a complete answering machine/IVR system/dialer - not just caller ID.

There is a collection of articles on using the various free xPL software that is available: