View Full Version : Stupid question: library doubling

2008-01-21, 18:01
Hey team, this may be a stupid question, but for some reason when my SB3 connects to any of my macs tags in my library are doubled, so if I'm doing an album or artist search there will be multiple entries for the same album, with songs being distributed seemingly randomly between them. This is a pain, as I can only really listen to m music through 'music folder' which is okay, but not ideal. Any thoughts???

2008-01-22, 15:31
Do you have multiple servers? Your phrasing suggest this is true, do you have the same effect on all the servers?

Where is the music stored? is it stored on each server or is there a central copy they all point at.

Perhaps the server can see multiple copies of the music perhaps you have the music library of one server mounted in the library of another server, the server would see two copies.

Another likely area for investigation is multiple tags in the files, particularly if there are multiple tags and they are not identical this would be the effect.

2008-01-22, 16:23
I see this behaviour once with iTunes integration enabled, on top of the directory scan. I just experimented with iTunes then (did not like it), so I don't know if it is solved with new versions of the server software. I guess it is worth checking...