View Full Version : Cover art problems resoved

Sandy McKean
2004-02-03, 10:11
On Sat, 31 Jan 2004 21:59:09 -0800, kdf wrote:
> I've included the patch, which is to be aplied to Info.pm. I'll try to
> get it into a nightly build in the next couple days.


You nailed it. I am still on a nightly from a couple of days ago. I wiped
out the cache as you suggested and sure enough under WXP/IE6 I no longer get
the "placeholder at the end of a row, takes up album slots on the next row"

The second problem (that of the space.gif making a "black hole" if the cover
art can't be displayed) may be gone too, but I can't verify that because
unfortuately I corrected all the mp3 tags for albums that had that problem.
(I threw away my test data!!) At some point I will no doubt have
incompatible cover art again, and if I do, and I see the "black holes" again
I will let you know.

Thanks for the complete and timely responses and fixes. I like this