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2008-01-21, 07:29
I just wanted to show off my custom built 2TB server. Apart from running Slimserver it is also used as a basic file server in my home network.

The hardware:
Intel D201GLY2 Mini ITX
Pico PSU 120W
2x1TB WD Green Power
1Gbit Intel Ethernet
80mm Fan controlled by Speedfan

All parts were designed to be easy to produce using normal workshop tools. However, I got help in machining the top plate in a CNC machine...
1.5mm sheet aluminium is used everywhere, except the top plate which is 5mm.

The 80mm fan is controlled by Speedfan to reach about 800rpm which keeps the insides at about 40C. The fan sits roughly 10mm from the passive heatsink on the Celeron processor on the D201GLY2. The cpu temp is about 35C during idle/normal use.

The two WD 1TB Green Power disks are mounted to a bracket using sillicone grommets taken from my Antec P150.

The case is standing on four rubber feet that lets the air in at the bottom. The fan pushes the air upwards through the case and out through the mesh at the top of the case.

I think that the case might even run well without a fan by using only natural convection. This remains to be tested though...

To increase the network speed I also added a 1 GB Intel Network card. The D201GLY2 only has 100MB which is a no-go for me. Unfortunately the card blocks about 1/3 of the cross section area of the air outlet at the top of the case.

The server pulls 41W from the wall socket during light server duties, and about 45W during a "heavy" use.

http://hosting03.imagecross.com/myspace-image-upload-thumbs-3/5409serv1.jpg (http://www.imagecross.com/myspace-image-upload-viewer-3.php?id=5409serv1.jpg) Click Image to Enlarge Myspace Image Upload (http://www.imagecross.com/)
http://hosting03.imagecross.com/myspace-image-upload-thumbs-3/6736serv4.jpg (http://www.imagecross.com/myspace-image-upload-viewer-3.php?id=6736serv4.jpg) Click Image to Enlarge Myspace Image Upload (http://www.imagecross.com/)


2008-01-21, 15:59
Well, that looks superb! Good work. If only I didn't have too many other things to do (pesky kids ;-), I'd love to build something like this and stuff it in a cupboard!

2008-01-21, 19:19
You're getting wattage figures using something like a kill-a-watt?
Did you try enabling WD's PM2 "power management" mode? I see you don't have it enabled in the jumpers...
WD jumper settings (http://wdc.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/wdc.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=1679&p_created=1191258655&p_sid=zvXXhmWi&p_accessibility=0&p_redirect=&p_lva=&p_sp=cF9zcmNoPTEmcF9zb3J0X2J5PSZwX2dyaWRzb3J0PSZwX 3Jvd19jbnQ9MSwxJnBfcHJvZHM9JnBfY2F0cz0mcF9wdj0mcF9 jdj0mcF9zZWFyY2hfdHlwZT1hbnN3ZXJzLnNlYXJjaF9mbmwmc F9wYWdlPTEmcF9zZWFyY2hfdGV4dD1XRDEwRUFDUw**&p_li=&p_topview=1)

2008-01-21, 23:55
Yes, the power measurements were made using a "kill-a-watt"-like device. The Pico PSU and the 12V external power brick are about 80-85% efficient so that means that the system draws about 30-35W, which correlates well to the hardware specs (19W for the D201GLY2 and 4-7.4W for the WD disks).

As for the PM2 jumpers on the WD drives, I think that they are not actually reducing the power, but are instead used to minimize the rush of current during spin-up of the disk. So I do not have the PM2 option enabled.

This system consumes roughly twice the power of my Qnap109 with a WD500 disk, but is in a totally different league performance wise. Also, bitrate limiting for transcoding FLAC to MP3 actually works (whereas the Qnap do not). Great for music streaming to work.

2008-01-24, 10:19
That's exactly the sort of case I've been looking for. For the past year, I have yet to find a suitable case for my board and drives. Currently, they just sit, out in the open, on my desk with no case (wires everywhere). How did you make that?
I just want a simply aluminum box with natural convection (I don't have any fans at the moment and I love the silence).

2008-01-28, 14:24
The server looks faaaaantastic !!!

Great work


2008-01-29, 09:25
Nice work. Looks like you've got another 2 external WD drives next to it, are you going to hook those up too and get 2+TB? :D

What OS are you using?

2008-01-30, 02:19
Is the top of the case, made of wood or aluminum ?

It looks a very hard work...for sure you did not use a dremel :) (with all respect for dremel)


2008-02-04, 20:10
Looks fantastic. I want one. $?


2008-02-05, 07:56
Looks fantastic. I want one. $?


I was lucky since I only had to buy the computer hardware. The aluminium parts was "free". I do not think, however, that they would cost very much. 1.5mm sheet metal and a top cover of 5mm would not set you back more than $20 (guesstimate).

Drawings (simplified -> use with judgement) linky:

2008-02-05, 08:22
Looks fantastic. I want one. $?


Do you take orders?

2008-02-06, 23:54
Wow, nice job on the hardware part :)

And what about the performance of your slimserver... is it fast enough with the Web GUI?, I guess you are running Slimserver 6.x right now, would be interesting seeing how well it performs with Squeezecenter 7, what OS are you using?

Do you know if the board supports Wake-on-lan?, I'm interested in building a Squeezecenter server and basic file server running on Debian headless, but no need for me to have it on all day, I want to be able to turn it on from my laptop or SB3 with WOL.

2008-02-07, 00:18
Do you know if the board supports Wake-on-lan?

After some investigating it seems it does support Wake-on-lan :) http://www.logicsupply.com/media/manuals/D201GLY2_product-specification.pdf

2008-02-07, 09:27
It does, I also have one (http://wiki.syburgh.com/display/project/SlimServer+on+FreeNAS). It's NIC does not support WOL from FreeBSD/FreeNAS/SlimNAS, and WOL has been dropped in the new FreeNAS release (based on FreeBSD-6.3). WOL works perfectly from Linux and Windows on D201GLY2.

Responsiveness is good (for SlimServer) on this platform. Tried something smaller (http://wiki.syburgh.com/display/project/SlimNAS+on+Koolu+Thin+Client) with less satisfying results. If this could be run with passive cooling it would be great (gigabit NIC would also be nice), but for the price...

2008-02-07, 12:36
Responsiveness is good (for SlimServer) on this platform. Tried something smaller (http://wiki.syburgh.com/display/project/SlimNAS+on+Koolu+Thin+Client) with less satisfying results. If this could be run with passive cooling it would be great (gigabit NIC would also be nice), but for the price...

You have not specified how much RAM the 2 systems have.
I have just bough a 2.hand HP Thin Client T5700 which I hope is powerfull enough to run SC7

2008-02-07, 17:39
You have not specified how much RAM the 2 systems have.

Apologies, both have 1GB. The D201GLY2 is DDR2 and the Koolu is DDR. The Koolu was about the same with the 512MB with which it was shipped (SC7+MySQL was about 120MB).

2008-02-08, 01:36
If this could be run with passive cooling it would be great

I imagine you are talking about noise.
Well, in my configuration, an undervolted fan, which is enough, is way quieter than a 3.5" hard disk.
The disk (a samsung spinpoint) is not that noisy itself, but when it's in contact with any piece of metal, case or something it makes it vibrate and sound. No chanche to reduce the vibrations (not considerably), even using rubber grommets, foam pad, etc..

I hope in the future 2.5" will be cheaper and greater!


2008-03-07, 21:32
What OS are you running on that Linux based or Windows?

2008-03-08, 00:45
Can you tell me what you used to make the drawings? And where did you buy your metal stock? I know you said it was free, but I'm just trying to find places in here in LA where I can buy some stock. Thanks.