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2008-01-20, 14:50
If I ever have to restart my instance of SlimServer upon restarting if I go into the web interface my player can no longer be found.

I assume this is because the Squeezebox has to send some sort of message to the server to get its attention before it is recognised?

I'm just wondering whether this is the case and whether there is any way to poke the Squeezebox into life from the server end? I always know the MAC and IP address of the Squeezebox and I am repeatedly told that it is an always on device so I'm not sure why I cant grab hold of it when the service restarts?

I'm sure there is an outstandingly obvious reason but I just need some one to point it out to me!


2008-01-20, 14:56
The Squeezebox should automatically reconnect when the server restarts.

To clarify do you mean when you do a stop and start on the server process or when you stop/start the whole PC?

What versions of everything are you running and what does the Squeezebox have to say when you restart the server?

2008-01-21, 02:29
I get the same experience whether I restart the whole PC or if I just stop and restart the SS service (for example to make a change take effect).

If I walk into the room where the squeezebox is after restarting the service/server and I press the on button I get a "Waking up Slimserver" message and then a "Connecting to SlimServer" message.

I usually have to turn the squeezebox on one or twice more to get the start up message displayed on the Squeezebox and be able to listen to music. This happens the first time I try to switch on the Squeezebox after the service/server is restarted even if the service has been runnng for some time (ie it isnt still starting up/scanning etc).

Once I've started it up in this way it is fully accessable from the web interface.

I am running SS 6.5.4 and the matching Squeezebox firmware and I am using the fishbone skin.

2008-01-21, 15:41
That sounds to me like where the problem lies. You are putting the server to sleep and then using wake on LAN to bring it back out of standby.

It looks like it is taking too long before the server is in a position to respond to communication from the SB3.

How are you putting the server to sleep? is it perhaps hibernating rather than sleeping or is it rebooting when woken up? Certainly the latter would be long enough for the SB3 not to see a server and go back to sleep, though it should perk up once the server is active without intervention.

2008-01-22, 02:27
Hmm, I'm not too sure about that, I am not putting the PC to sleep or hibernating it, and it isnt rebooting when I try to connect.

In fact after I have restarted the slimserver process I have gone into the web UI and can do what ever I want except for connecting to the squeezebox, so I guess the server is fully awake?

2008-01-22, 15:25
OK. Working this through. The SB is an always on device and it is always communicating with the server. All commands that you give it via the remote are set to the server which then tells the SB what to do, even turn on.

Lets see if we can use an easy way to find out where the problem may be. Try using SoftSqueeze on the server after restarting the slim server. This should work.

If it does work then try SoftSqueeze from another system on the LAN. This should also work.

If either of these doesn't work then my first thoughts would be a problem with the server.

If both work then it would start to point to the SB or the way it is operating on the network.

If there is a suspicion of the SB or network then it would help to know a lot more, how are they connected together, what IP addresses do the devices have, how do they get them, what happens when you remove power from the SB and then re-power it.

At this point more detail will help.