View Full Version : How to change 'default' presets on start-up?

2008-01-19, 14:14
Upon start-up, my SB3 defaults to the 'shuffle by album' setting, regardless of what the settings were at the last 'shut-down'.

Is there a way I can switch to 'shuffle by song' or 'don't shuffle' as a default setting at start-up?

I couldn't find any tips in the user guide or these forums, and I apologize if this is a redundant (or dumb) question. In reality, it's not a big deal, I was just hoping to not have to always change the shuffle setting on start-up - I never use 'shuffle by album' for a playlist.


Mark Lanctot
2008-01-19, 14:52
Sometimes I find what you set with the player UI does not necessarily change the web UI. Of course it isn't supposed to be this way, but perhaps they're conflicting with each other? A prime example is screensaver settings, they never seem to kick in unless you set them on both the player and web.

How are you setting it? Player UI or web UI? Try the opposite one.

2008-01-19, 17:44
Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry to sound dense, but what's UI?

I've tried going through player settings and server settings on slimserver, if that's what you mean.

The irritating issue is that along with start-up, every I browse to a new genre and pick some things to play, or turn on the player, the shuffle settings default to 'shuffle by album'. Other than the 'shuffle' icon above the playlist on slimserver, or the button on the SB3 remote (which I currently use each time I select a playlist) I haven't found a fix.

Is there a way I can even choose a shuffle setting as a preference (I haven't found it)?

Mark Lanctot
2008-01-19, 19:33
Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry to sound dense, but what's UI?

User Interface - what you see on the screen. (Player or web).

It almost sounds like your preferences file is not being written. If you were on Linux I'd ask you to check your permissions. But you are probably on Windows - not sure where the preferences file is and I can't see how Windows is preventing SlimServer from modifying it.

The file is called "slimserver.pref" I think, you may want to search for it and see when it was last modified. Make sure it's not read-only, but aside from that, Windows has few controls to ensure who can and who can't write to a file (I believe Vista may have more controls than Windows XP though).