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2008-01-19, 10:55
I'm trying to use TuneIn URL but to no avail. It says it's TunedIn but my squeezebox isn't activated. Its for radio100FM.dk. The stream, I believe, is this: http://www.radio100fm.dk/netradio/100fm_live.asx

Is there anything I'm doing wrong, or is there anything I need to do after I have hit the "tune in" button?

Much obliged!

2008-01-19, 12:25
The .asx file is a playlist file, not a playable URL. Try tuning in http://onair.100fmlive.dk/100fm_live.mp3.

2008-01-20, 01:01
Thanks for that. Unfortunately, it's still not working. As soon as I add it in to Tune In URL, the computer says it is "tuned in" but the squeezebox doesn't respond. Any other ideas?

Many thanks,

2008-01-20, 06:54
Hmm strange, that url is working for me on an SB3 without any problems. I assume you can get other radio stations via the SB? What version of Slimserver and what hardware model (Transporter, SB1/2/3 or SLIMP)are you running?

Couple of things that might help. Have you installed LAME (see http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?LAMEForTranscoding)?

Also, I have AlienBBC installed, but that shouldn't be required for an mp3 radio stream.