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Ralph 411
2008-01-19, 10:44
Looking for a working link to KFMT in Chicago.

I subscribed to the WFMT stream. When I log in, I can access a WinAmp or Real stream that will play on my computer after a brief "membership announcement." However, when I copy the .pls or .ram URL, paste into SqueezeNetwork, and play through the SB, the "membership announcement" loops infinitely and the program material never starts. The link is https://www.wfmt.com/res/streaming/live/wfmtmp3stream.pls. I get the same result by removing the "s" from "https."

Any ideas?

2008-01-19, 19:26
Ralph 411,

I find it Extraordinarily Rude of a public radio station to force you to sign up and give them all the information that they require.

I currently support 3 public radio stations in my local area of Boston MA and none of they would even think of asking a listener to subscribe in the manner that WFMT is doing. Yes they have a short 10 second message when you first connect to the stream about making a contribution but that is deffinately not a requirement to listen to their station, nor ANY other PUBLIC RADIO STATION. That is why they are called PUBLIC RADIO.

My only suggestion for you is to contact the station and make a complaint about this.

If they can not give you a link that does not require the login information then ask them where you need to put in the login info so that you can listen to the stream I.E. https:/www.wfmt.com?login+password/res/streaming...


2008-01-20, 07:09
As a Chicago native, I am well aware that although WFMT is a "fine arts" station, it is not "public radio." My suggestion to resolve this problem is to contact the radio station and see if it can help you work through the looping issue.

2008-01-20, 09:07
As a station owned by Window to the World Communications, who by the way gets large grants from "The corporation for Public Broadcasting", in my eyes is a public radio station.

Also they ask for money from people to pay for their programing so that also puts them in the category of public radio.

Also straight from their web site i see that they have exactly the same member rates as my local public radio stations, also being fully tax deductible which if someone was giving to a commercial radio they would not be able to do.

See http://www.wfmt.com/main.taf?p=3,3

In fact all of their member programs are exactly the same as those of my local and other public radio stations.

So conclusion from all this data is that they are a public radio station.


2008-01-20, 10:04
Try the following URL - it is the 2nd URL in the pls file and so skipping the announcement

If using SN - you may need to wait about 20 secs for music to start


Ralph 411
2008-01-20, 16:37
BPA, many thanks! The link you provided for WFMT Chicago worked right off, with no delay, and has stayed stable for half an hour now. We've been trying to figure out how to receive WFMT off and on since we got our first SB half a year ago, so your help is especially appreciated.