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Jeffrey R. Olson
2004-02-02, 19:13

First of all, thanks for writing Yac2Slim--a very cool idea!

Secondly, can't the player be specified by appending "&player=<ip address>"
or "&player=<mac address>" on the URL? (I got this info from the "Multiple
Players" section of the "Technical Information - SlimServer Web Interface"
at http://<slimserver>:9000/html/docs/http.html). I've tried this and it
seems to work.

Here is the documentation section:
Multiple Players
Finally, if more than one player is connected to the system, you can specify
that player with a unique player identifier for the device being controlled.
This unique identifyer is generated when the player connects. This
identifier may be in the form of an IP address or MAC address, depending on
the kind of client that's connecting.

For example, the following pauses the player and then returns the status as
an HTML page for the player at IP address
For example, the following pauses the player and then returns the status as
an HTML page for the player at MAC address: 04:00:20:12:45:AB


So I think there is a way to specify the player, the only trick is to find
out what players the server knows about. Or, as I mentioned, maybe you can
just hardcode the player MAC address(es) into a registry key.

I'd be willing to try to write this enhancement, however I don't know Delphi
and I don't know of any free Delphi compilers out there. If there was a
free tool I could (hopefully) figure out how to add this code. If not, is
this something you think you might be able to add?

Thanks again,

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Hi Jeff,

I am the author of the Yac2Slim utility. I just received an email from
another person about this very issue!

This seems to be a limitation of the Slim server software. There is no way
to specify which player(s) should receive the caller ID information.
Basically Yac2Slim does an HTTP GET with the following URL:


As you can see there is nothing that specifies WHICH player to show the
caller ID information on. It simply isn't part of the syntax on the Slim
server web interface.

I would like the Slim server to display the text on all players. Perhaps an
option can be added to show the text on only a specific player, but I don't
think anyone would want that in this case.

This issue was discussed several months ago but nothing has happened yet.