View Full Version : SB3 Power Supply - Which of the 3 listed?

tony larson
2008-01-17, 15:04
I would like to get any feedback from people who have compared the following power supply's

Paul Hynes SR1-5
Bolder Ultimate

I am mainly looking for feedback for people who have compared all 3 or at least 2 out of the 3. From my reading I am leaning towards the SR1-5 but that is not based on listening. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

2008-01-17, 15:12
I can't give you a comparative answer, but I own the CIA. Compared to the (crap) stock PS, the sound is greatly improved. Much fuller sound.

tony larson
2008-01-18, 22:56
Any experience from anyone with the Paul Hynes PS? Gotta believe someone has done a comparison. Thanks.

2008-01-20, 11:27
Gotta believe someone has done a comparison. Thanks.

Taking into consideration that the power supplies you mentioned actually cost more than a Squeezebox, you might have a hard time getting unbiased opinions. If I just dropped that kind of cash on a replacement power supply, I think I might "hear" a difference too!