View Full Version : Can't Browse/Search by Artist/Album/Genre

William W. Higgins Jr.
2004-02-02, 12:35
Hello All-

Newbie here who's just received/set up his SqueezeBox(es). This is
truly a great product, but...

I can't browse or search by artist, album, or genre.

I believe the problem is related to the fact that all my music files
are in AIFF format (rather than MP3). I ripped my CDs in AIFF format
because I wanted to maintain absolute CD quality (i.e., use a
loss-less format). I'm guessing that the tags that identify artist,
album, genre, etc. are not contained in the AIFF files, but are
stored somewhere else in iTunes. I'd really like to be able to
browse/search by artist/album/genre/etc with my SqueezeBox. Does
anyone know how to do this with AIFF music files?

I looked through some of the discuss archives, and found some
discussion of configuring SlimServer to use iTunes, but could not
locate any setting for this on the Slim Devices web interface to
SlimServer/SqueezBox. Is this where my solution lies? Any help
would be greatly appreciated.