View Full Version : Sorting problems

Hans Kilian
2008-01-16, 15:34

The OS disk on my FreeBSD server failed last week. I reinstalled everything from the newest ports and now sorting seems broken.

The Album list is completely jumbled. Both on the web interface and on the SB. Here's the start of the list:
542 albums with 6668 songs by 912 artists.
Items 1 to 76 of 542
1 2 6 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y
All Songs
Wipeout 2097
Globe Of Frogs
The Chronic
Peace Orchestra
Madame Butterfly - Barbirolli (CD1)

"1 2 6 A B" is bold like it thinks that's what it's showing.

When I click on an album it shows the songs sorted correctly by track number. But when I click play, the playlist is jumbled. I've checked that shuffling is off. The playlist is jumbled the same way each time I try to play an album.

I've tried deleting the cache directory at /var/db/slimserver/cache. I've also tried uninstalling SS and reinstalling.

I run SS 6.5.4. and MySQL 5.0.51.

Any help will be appreciated.

Update: I've done a bit more research. When the tracks are added to the playlist, they're sorted by the 'id' column in the database, rather than by the 'tracknum' column.
And the albums are also sorted by the 'id' column rather than by the 'titlesort' column.