View Full Version : SqueezeCenter 7.0 can't find my music files

2008-01-16, 15:03
Just installed SqueezeCenter 7.0, which also successfully uninstalled SlimServer 6.5.4. Everything looks okay, but for some reason it can't find my music files on my NAS file server. I put in the directory name, simply mapped as "Z:\". This directory is easily accessible via Explorer.

If I go to Basic Settings and click the Browse option for Music Folder, it displays a blank window. No option to select a directory unless I type it in manually.

I also activated the scanner, and the application now seems stuck in perpetual scan mode - not finding anything and reporting 0 for total tracks, artists, etc.

Another note - the opening screen on 7.0, on the right side always tells me it can't find my player. After a few seconds, however, it refreshes and finds it. Strangely, if I hit the F5 key, it goes back to the same screen which says that it can't find my player. Wasn't connection already established despite the screen refresh??

2008-01-16, 15:11
Have you checked that SC7 has permission to access the Z:\ drive?

That is probably one of the first things you should check.

2008-01-16, 15:39
How do I do that? I assume that if I can access the Z drive on the same PC SqueezeCenter is running on, shouldn't SC7 have access?

2008-01-16, 15:51
If you set it to run as a service ensure that the account you set it to run it under has network priviledges. If you don't understand that then set it to run as an application instead. You can change how it runs in the SqueezeCenter start bar menu items.


2008-01-16, 16:01
Thanks for the info. I just noticed that somehow SqueezeCenter found my files. It didn't appear to at first, but guess it just needed time. It's still scanning but at least I'm seeing songs/artists/albums, etc.

Question - is there any advantage toward running this as a service instead of an application? I've always loaded it as an application and it seems fine.

2008-01-16, 16:18
Running SC7 as a service means that it will start any time the computer starts up. One nice thing about that is if you leave the computer on all the time then even after a power failure SC will start back up automatically. If you turn the computer on and off then SC will start automatically for you with out you having to manually start it.