View Full Version : Announce: Spicefly Syncer - Automatic MusicIP and Slimserver Synchronisation

2008-01-16, 07:17
Dear All

This is the first public release of Spicefly Syncer written to deal with the time consuming issue of synchronising MusicIP and Slimserver libraries when adding new music.

Just put your new music files into your file store and let SpiceFly Syncer do all the hardwork!

Spicefly Syncer monitors the MusicIP GUI interface and watches its status. Then once this has validated the new files, it will then fire up the MusicIP Headless mode (if applicable) and then finally fire up the Slimserver Library Refresh.

It was written against Versions 1.8 of MusicIP and Slimserver 6.5 running on Windows XP, it might already work on version 7 but I have no idea.

It needs to run on the machine that is running MusicIP to retrieve information on MusicIPs status. It can NOT run on a different machine, this is because MusicIP is sometimes liberal with reporting its current status so its not possible to remotely query this and get a reliable response, so it crawls over MusicIP to determine what is going on. It also starts up MusicIP and communicates with it to close when its finished, so these need to happen locally. (For the moment anyway)

It makes NO changes to your environment, it only writes a log file to the current directory. It requests MusicIP to refresh its library and then Slimserver to refresh its library but the hardwork is done by the respective application.

It can be setup to terminate itself once the final refresh has been started. Therefore it can be used standalone, ie. add your new files and start Spicefly Syncer. or schedule it to run daily/weekly etc. whatever works for you.

Further public releases and development may occur depending on interest. I've used it internally in my setup for a while, so decided to tidy it up and release it and I hope you find it useful!

Thats all for now! Constructive feedback always welcome.

Download it from http://www.spicefly.com/