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2008-01-15, 15:08
I have around 80 GB of albums in iTunes that i am happily playing through my SB3. In anticipation of the Duet i have loaded up SqueezeCenter - which is great.

Unfortunately i have the same problem that others have experienced that the iTunes album art is not held in the same directory as the tracks and hence not picked up by SqueezeCenter.

Is there a fix that forces SqueezeCenter to look at my iTunes album art or do i have to start from scratch?


2008-01-15, 15:45
If you're using a Mac, just run the AppleScript in this blog:


It will automatically perform a process of embedding the artwork right into its respective track as I originally documented here:


Slimcenter (or any version of Slimserver) will then see the artwork because it will appear where it belongs, inside each track.

2008-01-16, 07:41
Not wanting to sound like an "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" advert, but if you are using a PC I think you can use the iTunes Update plugin(http://www.jamescraig.co.uk/SlimServer/index.html). This makes slimserver use the iTunes artwork without having to embed it in the files. (You have to set the appropriate option in the Server Settings->Plugins section).

I have only tried it in Slimserver 6.5 but I think there is a SqueezeCenter 7 version.

2008-01-16, 14:05
Great thanks. Sorry - i do run on a PC so will try the iTunes updater.

Is there though any PC version software that embeds the album art into the files like the apple software to avoid the plugin?


2008-01-21, 15:58
I am also curious if there is a PC version that will place the itunes album art in their respective folders.
Thanks, DeWayne

2008-02-03, 11:06
I've been looking for something to do this for ages - it will make browsing using squeezecenter so much better.

Looking at Doug's scripts http://dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/scripts13.php

Does anyone have a recommendation on whether to use
embed artwork
save album art to album folder?

I'm thinking that the first will have a bigger impact on filesize. Will Squeezecenter work with the latter script?

Also, do either of these have any impact on iTunes/iPod performance with album art - i use my 'server' mac as a media center in the Kitchen and find the iTunes interface/front row pretty good and will keep using it.

2008-02-08, 04:32
*bump*. I'm still a little nervous about running this - has anyone experienced any probems? (I suppose i can just hold a back up of my iTunes library in case it all goes pete tong)

2008-02-08, 06:48
I recently went through the pain of getting and applying album art to my entire collection, by grabbing jpg's from a well known online music store. Possibly the most boring repetitive task I've ever done! SC7 now looks great though, and I cant wait to get a Duet to see the benefits of my hard work!

I went for the embedding route and like you, was concerned about the file size implication. The average size of a JPG image was around 17k, so over 7000 tracks, it only added 120mb to a 40GB music collection, so I wouldn't be too worried about it.

2008-02-08, 10:11
Great thanks. Sorry - i do run on a PC so will try the iTunes updater.

Is there though any PC version software that embeds the album art into the files like the apple software to avoid the plugin?


mp3tag will do it on a PC (on album by album bases). It will even help you get it if it exists on amazon.

when considering embedding the AA into the tracks, consider also a backup consequences, size and time to perform.


2008-02-09, 05:10
Concerning albumart in iTunes and Slimserver/Squeezecenter, I would like a simple clarification:
On a large musicbase built-up using iTunes, all albumart is embedded in each "song". Slimserver 6.5.5 picks it up; no problem.
For part of the musicbase, I have in addition inserted the same albumart into the respective Albumfolder as a jpg picture. I do not know which one Slimserver picks up, but it works also.
Now, if I change to SqueezeCenter 7.0 do I have to make any change in my setup to be sure I can (possibly) use the Duet Controller?
I am not using iTunes when scanning and I have not checked iTunes in the Slimserver Server "Plugin" section.
If any changes would be necessary, given the size of the musicbase, this could potentially represent a lot of tedious work. Would the Duet Controller be "worth it"?
Any suggestions/clarifications welcome
with thanks and, possibly, relief!

2008-02-09, 15:17
I don't know whether SC7 picks up embedded artwork in preference to folder.jpg, or vice versa; but in any case your artwork will survive the move from SS 6.5.x to SC7. No problems.