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2004-02-02, 03:02
Yep, when the player is powered off, the up and down buttons are dead by

If you open up your default.map file in Notepad, you should see a section
like the following:

# When the player is powered off, most buttons are dead

arrow_down.* = dead
arrow_left = dead
arrow_right = dead
arrow_up.* = dead

All you should need to do is change the up and down keys so that they
produce a custom key code that won't conflict with SlimServer operation,

arrow_down.* = x10_dim
arrow_left = dead
arrow_right = dead
arrow_up.* = x10_bright

You can then look out for the keys x10_dim and x10_bright in xPLHal and
send out your dim/bright commands.

Just tried it here and it seems to work.



Yep, that's what I heard (from you I think), but when I open up my
default.map in notepad the formatting is all over the place, it's
incredibly difficult to read. I had tried the edit you mention above, but
because the file isn't in [ini] format, and there's no hard returns at the
end of each line I haven't managed to pull it off.

Is this right? And if you have one that works, fancy sharing?


John (Q)

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