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John B
2004-02-02, 00:39
> That seems pretty cool, I'd like to look a bit more at what else we
> could do with this (esp. on Macs).

Right now, xPLHal (which is the bit of software that receives messages from SlimServer and decides what to do with them) is WIndows-only.
A cross-platform version is in the works (written in Perl) but I have no idea of timescales.

But if you're handy with Perl (or indeed any language that can handle UDP communications) you can easily knock something together to process xPL messages.

> Right now I have HIGHLY
> RECOMMENDED Philips Pronto Remote Control I use to send X-10 commands
> via macros to a $30 device that does this, but I'm certainly a fan of
> integration.

Yep, the Pronto is a very good choice when it comes to a universal remote.

IMO the only disadvantage of relying on X10 is that it's slow (takes approx. 1 second for a key press on the Pronto to end up as an X10 signal on the mains).

If you go down the IR route, e.g. using the IR receiver in the SliMP3/SqueezeBox, keypresses are instantly recognised, so you get a much more responsive environment.

> These kinds of abilities combined with computer
> programmable remote like this seems to support a complex group of
> tasks possible.

Yep, and that's the exact goal of the xPL protocol.
The more devices we can make talk the same language, the easier it becomes to integrate everything in the home.