View Full Version : Need help finding URL for radio

2008-01-13, 18:55
Can anyone help me find the URL for this radio station at http://www.classichits955.fm/

I found their stream at http://www.classichits955.fm/templates/streamtheworld.htm

but that just doesn't seem to produce any sound on my SB3 when I try the Tune in URL option


2008-01-14, 10:28
Hi, that's a Flash stream. SB's can't play Flash streams.

2008-01-15, 10:45
Ah! Thanks for the explanation

2008-01-15, 11:20
Hi, that's a Flash stream. SB's can't play Flash streams.

As dwalzer says, that's an embedded Flash stream (by Stream the World). The radio station has taken a decision to use a proprietary streaming format (Flash based and embedded - search for Clear Channel or Stream the World). It's designed to require you to listen by going to their website (and watching their ads), rather than through something like the SB.

I guess what I'm really saying is that it's not just the SB that can't play that type of stream, but any kind of third party player.

Sometimes, emailing the company to ask them why they don't support http:// streaming may get you a 'secret' url - but don't hold your breath.

Sorry we can't be more help.